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Bouncy castles are our speciality. From a simple inflatable to a multiplay bouncy castle, we can deliver what you desires! Airquee Belgium the right choice.

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Bouncy castles of all formats are at your disposal. For our small bouncy castles, we have a great choice of variety. Interested? Feel free to contact us!

Bouncy castles with roof

Inflatable bouncy castles in different sizes and colours

We have so many different inflatable bouncy castles. Every inflatable bouncy castle has artwork, but you can also buy an inflatable without artwork. It’s your choice!! The artwork of the inflatable bouncy castle is varnished with a waterbased varnish. So everything is non toxic for everyone using the inflatable product.

We take care of every detail on the inflatable bouncy castles. You can compare with other brands and designers. You will see that Airquee inflatable bouncy castles are very well made and beautifully decorated. We want nothing but perfection!!

You can also create your own inflatable bouncy castle with your own design. These inflatable bouncy castles are perfect to make your name become well-known. Anything you want, contact us, we will help you into creating the perfect inflatable bouncy castle for you.

Every inflatable bouncy castle is provided with a certificate EN14960 and certificate M2, fire retardant. Also a protectionbag for transport, anchors for a secure placement and motor.

With every inflatable bouncy castle comes a warranty of 2 years. The prizes of the inflatable products come with VAT included.

You can put trust in the inflatable bouncy castles of Airquee, cause we only want the best for you!!

Buy an inflatable bouncy castle

We only sell Airque inflatable bouncy castles. For your playground area, Day care center or just for at your home. Take a look at our page, you will be surprised of the variety of inflatable bouncy castles.

Inflatable bouncy castles for your restaurant or bar. Indeed!! We have so many options. Kids love to play on the infalatble bouncy castles of Airquee. An inflatable bouncy castle is unthinkable at your place. We have all sorts of inflatable bouncy castles. Roofed and open bouncers, 3D bouncers and inflatable bouncers with slide, better known as jump & slide.

Contact us for more information about inflatable bouncy castles. We will be happy to help in any way we can.


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